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2020 Dreams the personal development of disadvantaged young and old people by promoting and encouraging re-motivation, self determination, social inclusion and the importance of bringing all sectors of society together regardless of race, religion or culture.

Fully Customisable Workshops

The 2020Dreams® and 2020 Rising Project has built up considerable experience in running fun, effective, engaging workshops on a variety of arts-related topics. We understand what it takes to inspire young people, even those who tend to be difficult to engage, and have distilled this knowledge into a workshop formula for the ambitious 2020 Dreams & 2020 Rising project.

Two elements of our workshops have proved to be particularly powerful: role-plays and discussion forums. Interactive role-play scenarios serve to bring the academic awareness-building information provided into the real world of the student, giving them something to relate to on a personal level. Our role-plays strike a sensitive balance between being realistic and straying into overly controversial areas. We never single students out or make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Open discussion forums give young people the space and respect to air their own views and propose their own solutions to 21st Century problems; after all, they are on the front line. The facilitator is on hand to guide the debate, ensure fair participation and ensure a respectful attitude is maintained. Nevertheless, the actual workshop format is very flexible and workshops can be customised to fit in with your agenda.

What Is the 2020 Rising Programme?

2020 Rising focuses on those difficult topics nobody seems to want to talk about and asks the questions most of us are too scared to ask. The 2020 Rising programme combines workshops, training programmes, consultations, lectures, life coaching and resources and tackles some of the toughest subjects in the UK today including youth street gangs, gun and knife crime and illegal drugs.

Before we can hope to make positive changes in our communities we need to have our eyes wide open and be prepared to face some stark truths about what is happening on our streets. 2020 Rising is committed to raising real awareness, engaging with all members of afflicted communities and then taking positive action which will actually have a chance of working.

What is 2020 Dreams?

2020 Rising is at the cutting edge of our popular 2020 Dreams programme of workshops for schools and other youth institutions.

2020 Dreams

2020 Dreams’ many specialist workshops are divided into five sections, each covering a specific area of concern to teachers, students, parents and the wider community.

Here is a selection of our most popular workshops

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Our Sex and Relationships Education section covers all aspects of relationships and sexuality as they apply to young people. Workshops are designed to be age appropriate and to work well alongside your existing SRE programmes.

Some of the workshops we run cover the physical changes and social pressures which accompany puberty. Building awareness and resilience in our young people helps them to navigate this tough area more skilfully.

Workshops include:

• Puberty Workshop
• Sexting and Online Privacy
• Teen Drinking: Alcohol and Sex
• Pornography Education
• Sex and Peer Pressure (SAY NO!)

This section also looks at when relationships turn bad and become unhealthy. Our workshops are designed to help protect young people from becoming victims or perpetrators of abuse.

Such workshops include:

• Teenage Relationship Abuse
• Sexual Bullying and Inappropriate Behaviours
• Consent, Rape, Harassment

There are also hard-hitting workshops on the widespread abuse of children and young people in society. For example, we cover:

• Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
• Survival Sex
• Forced Marriages
• Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

We also help young people to make better decisions around their sexual health and life choices. They are particularly useful in areas with a high incidence of teenage pregnancies.

Relevant workshops include:

• Teenage Pregnancy Education
• STD Awareness
• Contraception Awareness
• Sexuality and Making Better Decisions

Our workshops are designed to be flexible so if you require the content to be tailored to cater for a specific group please get in touch and we will propose a solution. All of our workshops are fully risk-assessed and our facilitators are DBS-cleared.

For your reassurance, all 2020 Dreams workshops are fully risk-assessed and our experienced facilitators have all had recent, enhanced DBS checks.

Life, Crime and Social Survival

Our life, crime and social survival series focuses on a wide range of issues that impact on the lives of our young people every day. Some apply to children of all ages and in all communities; these include:

• Peer Pressure
• Road Safety Awareness
• Stranger Danger

Others are more likely to affect older children and teenagers although the earlier you can build awareness, the easier it will be to protect
our young people.

Topics include:

• Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
• Addiction (Gaming, Food, Sex, Tattoos, Drugs, etc.)
• Gun and Knife Crime Awareness
• Gang Prevention and Awareness

We also have developed a range of courses focusing on issues that are prominent in the news today. These include:

• Fear of Terrorist Attack
• Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery
• Staying Safe Online
• Radicalisation and Extremism

Other workshops in the series, include:

• Crime and Punishment
• Domestic Violence
We regularly add new workshops to our Sex and Relationships Education and Life, Crime and Social Survival sections.

Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution

Bullying and conflict, within schools, on the streets and now online, is an ever-present factor as young people work to express themselves and negotiate relationships. Our anti-bullying and conflict workshops tackle these issues head on and can focus on general conflict or specific forms of bullying.

Examples include:

• Conflict Resolution
• Islamophobia in Schools
• Cyber Bullying
• Racial Discrimination
• Age Discrimination
• Homophobic Bullying
• Sexual Bullying

We also offer workshops which help young people to understand the roots of conflict and work to develop a more inclusive set of values.

These workshops include:

• Human Rights
• Diversity Activities – Anti-Semitism and Religious Discrimination
• Respect and Tolerance
• Promoting Cultural Awareness
• Gender Equality

Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Mental health is a huge topic that is regularly making the news and government debates. 2020 Dreams provide an extensive range of mental health related workshops.

Here are some of the programmes we offer:

• Mental Health and Positive Thinking
• Body Image and Low Self Esteem
• Managing Emotions: Death and Bereavement
• Understanding Depression
• Eating Disorders
• Suicide Workshop
• Self-Harm Workshops
• Anxiety and OCD

We can also provide workshops to help protect children’s mental health by developing life skills and the ability to support one another.
Some examples include:

• Healthy Relationships
• Confidence Building
• Healthy Eating
• Personal Hygiene and Grooming
• How to be a Supportive Friend Workshop
• Managing Stress During Exams Workshops

Business, Career and Money Management

We believe every young person, no matter what background he or she comes from, has the potential to succeed in life. What they sometimes lack is the vision and the opportunity.

2020 Dreams Business, Career and Money Management workshops are focused on helping children and teenagers to plan for a future of achievement and success.

Courses we run include:

• Enterprise Workshops
• Financial Responsibility, Money and Budgeting

All 2020 Dreams workshops and teacher trainings can be provided anywhere in the UK and are run by skilled, experienced, DBS-cleared facilitators.

We use proven techniques such as role play scenarios and open forum-based discussion groups to engage with young people and maximise the benefits they will take away with them.

Our workshops are fully risk-assessed and tailored to the particular age group and demographic of your school or institution. We can also create customised programmes tailored specifically to your needs.

We take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously: all workshops are fully risk-assessed and all 2020 Dreams facilitators hold current enhanced DBS disclosures.

If you would like to book a 2020 Dreams workshop or find out more about the other programs we offer, please email us at  hello@2020dreams.org.uk or call 0800 4714983.

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