Handbook of Youth Sex in the 21st Century


Covering Sexting, Consent, Abortion, Peer Pressure, Pornography, STD, Contraception, Survival Sex and more by Letise Sampson

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). Three small letters but the issues they cover span the entire life experience of young people today. From the moment a toddler learns that playing nicely is more fun to the decision a young man and woman make to start a family, successfully navigating relationships and sex is THE challenge of growing up.

This handbook raises awareness of the many different strands that have been woven into the RSE tapestry. In the absence of a formal RSE curriculum, it is an essential practical guide to any RSE educational program. It covers everything from consent and contraception to pornography, sexting and sexual bullying. To enrich the topics, you will find quizzes, discussion points and activities – ideal for school-based work.

But this book is NOT just for schools. Are you a parent looking to help your child make healthy relationship choices? Are you a PRU staff member wanting to do more to support young people you work with? Are you a community leader? A police officer? A sexual health worker? A football coach? A music teacher? A foster carer? Perhaps you are a young person yourself. The information and practical guidance within this book is for all of us.

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Handbook of Youth Sex in the 21st Century

‘Handbook of Youth Sex in the 21st Century – Supporting Children and Teens Through Their Toughest Years’ by Letise Sampson is a 2020 Dreams publication focused on delivering practical, easy-to-understand and accurate guidance on a wide range of relationship and sex education (RSE) subjects.

RSE in schools has arguably never been more crucial. Teens and pre-teens are being exposed, through their friends and their smartphones, to sexualised content and messaging earlier than ever. At the same time, it is harder than ever for parents, teachers and other adult figures to understand – let alone monitor – the threats that are out there in the Wild West of the internet.

Without the guidance of responsible adults, where are children and teens getting their facts and advice from? Influencers on TikTok and Snapchat? Celebrities on Love Island? Netflix’s The Society?  Will this help them to leave school with a positive body image? Will it supply them with a healthy template for navigating their relationships?

Schools are finding it harder than ever to provide RSE for their students. Teachers and parents have clashed over controversial issues such as contraception and LGBT+ awareness. Then came the pandemic, forcing many schools to delay RSE workshops as students studied at home. The extended lockdown has heaped even more pressure on our young people. How can they even begin to form relationships and explore their sexuality with social contact now a taboo?

While no one book can replace face-to-face contact between skilled RSE facilitators and engaged students, this handbook is a powerful way to bring dozens of topics covering sex and relationships into one place.

Inside, you can learn about and receive guidance on issues such as:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Different kinds of families (e.g. single parent and LGBT families)
  • Gender equality and UN targets for women and children
  • Movements such as #MeToo and Everyone’s Invited
  • Gender pronouns and the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Puberty: How and when boys and girls change
  • Making better decisions around sex and relationships
  • How pornography influences young minds
  • Consent, harassment and sexual bullying
  • Sexting, catfishing and how paedophiles target children online
  • Teen drinking and its effects on sexual decision-making
  • Contraception, abortion and STDs
  • Forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM)

This unique handbook will serve equally well as a companion to a 2020 Dreams RSE workshop or training or as an emergency relationship ‘first aid’ kit. Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent or public servant, keep a copy behind the desk, on the bookshelf or in the staff room. You never know when you might need it.

As well as accurate, easy-to-understand information and advice, you will find an interactive section that includes quiz questions, discussion points and hands-on activities


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