Grooming in the 21st Century


Grooming in the 21st Century: How Children are Recruited for Sex, County Lines and Terrorism by Letise Sampson is part of the 2020 Dreams series of publications aimed at raising awareness and engaging with at-risk youth.

Stranger danger has been an evergreen topic in schools and the media for decades but the stereotype of the sinister male child abductor who tricks kids into his car is only one tiny example of the risks children face. What about the friendly shopkeeper who provides free chips to you and your friends? What about the computer guru you chat to on Discord every night? The teen girl you made friends with on Snapchat (is she really a teen girl?) The new mate you meet up with after school, the one with the smart trainers?

It’s time for a reboot in our understanding about what grooming is, who groomers are, what they want and how they operate. This book is designed to raise awareness of the existence and extent of child grooming today, including the many different ways grooming manifests in the UK.

How do you spot a predator? Who is most at risk? Is terror recruitment a form of grooming? What about County Lines? How can kids stay safe online? What do we do if we suspect grooming? How do we even talk to our sons and daughters about this thing? These questions and more are addressed within.

N.B. The digital e-book version is copyright protected (no printing or copying material) it is intended for use on PC, Macs, tablets and phones only; for physical use, order the hard copy version.

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Grooming in the 21st Century: How Children are Recruited for Sex, County Lines and Terrorism

‘Grooming in the 21st Century – How Children are Recruited for Sex, County Lines and Terrorism’ by Letise Sampson is a 2020 Dreams publication focused on the many different ways grooming shows its face in modern Britain.

Grooming is not a new phenomenon but the ways groomers target and manipulate their victims for their own ends have evolved and are still not fully understood or recognised. This knowledge gap puts young people at risk of serious harm – not only from sexual exploitation but from becoming involved with gangs, crime and extremist groups.

‘Grooming in the 21st Century’ looks at the problem with fresh eyes, presenting recent case studies alongside the findings from hours of painstaking research. We can now reveal the children most at risk from grooming and the modern-day methods groomers use to entrap, isolate and exploit them. These include organised on-street grooming, as seen in Rochdale, Oxford and other UK towns, as well as online grooming. We look at the dangers lurking behind games, apps and webcams and the shocking techniques used by predators to connect with and blackmail children. Any child can be caught in the grooming web and we all need to be vigilant.

As with all 2020 Rising publications, this eye-opening book also provides practical tips for safeguarding children. We reveal the common signs that can warn us about grooming. We look at the challenging task of talking about difficult topics with young people. We also signpost the way to sources of help and support and advice you on what to do (and not to do) if grooming is discovered or suspected.

Topics include:

• How to recognise grooming behaviour
• Understanding the victims of grooming
• Grooming for sexual exploitation
• Grooming for County Lines child drug trafficking
• Recruiting for terrorism as a form of grooming
• Online grooming and how to stay safe
• How to FLOSS to stay safe from grooming
• How to build healthy relationships
• What to do if a child you know is being groomed
• The long and short-term effects of grooming
• How to talk to children about difficult topics
• CSE images and how they can be reported
• The government’s new Online Harms Bill

This fact-packed resource is a valuable source of guidance and information for parents of children of any age. It can also be used by teachers, young people’s services, community leaders and children themselves.

Download a free sample copy here >> Grooming in the 21st Century


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