Remote Learning, Virtual Workshops & PSHE Online Teaching Resources

  • Duration: 1 – 4 hours
  • Location: UK/International
  • Suitability: Schools, Foster Homes, Prisons, Secure Hospitals, PRUs, Young Offender Institutions, Charities and Corporations
  • Attendees: Children + Parents + Care Providers
  • Workshop Type: Face to Face or via Zoom/Teams etc
  • Staff Training/Corporate Workshops: Yes
  • Training Resources: Yes

2020 Dreams has always been committed to helping young people to overcome their past and present disadvantages. COVID-19 has posed a huge challenge to every child in the UK by threatening their human right to quality education.

While teachers and support staff have worked like heroes to minimise disruption to the curriculum, important extra-curricular activities – like PSHE – have been neglected. Students of all ages face new challenges and serious pressure as they try to cope with social isolation, health worries, fear over their future careers and more.

Yet the logistical challenges of bringing specialist PSHE workshop providers into schools has meant that it is harder than ever to support them.

That’s why we decided to create 2020 Dreams PSHE Online Teaching Resources, ensuring we can continue to deliver fun and engaging virtual workshops to all students.

We can also adapt virtual workshops to meet the needs of young people outside of school. For example, we can provide Virtual Workshops for Foster Homes, Secure Hospitals, PRUs, Young Offender Institutions and other youth-serving organisations.

What are 2020 Dreams PSHE Online Teaching Resources?

PSHE Online Teaching Resources are re-formatted versions of our hugely popular physical PSHE workshops designed to be delivered online – either live or as pre-recorded video content. For workshops that include training resources (e.g. books), these will be provided.

These remote online resources have been carefully designed to preserve the benefits of our powerful workshop format. Our experienced and trained workshop facilitators have used their understanding of student engagement to keep young people interested and inspired throughout the live or recorded presentations.

We have created virtual versions of more than 60 high impact workshops. As with our on-site workshops, these are divided into five topic areas:

2020 Dreams remote learning PSHE workshops will ensure your students get the support they need during these tough times. While we will always recommend the interaction of face-to-face workshops where possible, remote learning PSHE education is far better than denying students the knowledge and understanding to help them stay safe, make wise decisions and fulfil their potential as learners and as human beings.

What technology will schools and organisations need to access 2020 Dreams Virtual & Online Teaching Resources?

As with all 2020 Dreams PSHE workshops, we are happy to tailor our online packages to suit your specific needs and resources.

Some examples of what we can offer include:

• Live workshop via a virtual Zoom classroom
• Live Microsoft Teams workshop session

Content can be tailored to pupils from KS1 to KS5 including those with special educational needs. If you plan to run your own PSHE sessions to minimise contact with external organisations, we can deliver online training for your course delivery team.

2020 Dreams PSHE Workshops Guide

PSHE Workshops Guide

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While our talented Online Teaching Resources team will do all they can to make your PSHE workshop a smooth and engaging experience, there are a few steps we recommend teachers take before logging on to a live workshop:

Preparing for a live Microsoft Teams or Zoom class

• Make sure all students receive their Microsoft Teams invitation or Zoom login details well in advance
• If students are in school, inform your IT department of the time and duration of the workshop together with the number of devices that will be connecting
• For workshops with accompanying physical resources, consider ordering extra copies in case of lockdown.

To find out more about 2020 Dreams PSHE Online Teaching Resources or to make a booking, please call us on 0800 471 4983. Alternatively, email and we will get right back to you.

Please note: 2020 Dreams can still provide socially distanced on-site PSHE workshops and recommend these wherever possible. Please contact us to make arrangements.


To support our work in raising awareness we have produced a number of books.

Topics include RSE, Knife Crime, Gang Prevention, Mental Health & more.

Our publications are suitable for both parents & teachers.

View all

All 2020 Dreams publications are also designed to be hands-on and practical. Teachers and parents will find plenty of activities, discussion points and real life case studies (both uplifting and harrowing) to help them to engage with their students and children.

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