2020 Dreams is committed to helping young people understand the importance of drugs and how they can have a huge knock on effect in present and later life. Drugs are not only dangerous but they are also one of the highest causes for teenage death. At a young age, children are vulnerable to just about anything and due to peer pressure and in order to fit into the society they will try just about anything. Not knowing the dangers of drug use is one of the main reasons teenagers start to experiment with various substances. While various types of these substances are illegal, they are easy to come by, either from friends or even from family members at times.

Here are a few reasons why we think it is important to promote drug awareness in schools.

Teenagers spend more time with their friends both at school and outside, so the school environment is the best place to teach them about the dangers of drug use. They tend to take more interest and learn more about drug abuse if they are with the same group of people. If all schools make drug abuse awareness classes mandatory, more kids will be able to learn about the dangers and refrain from using them.

Substance abuse is on the rise and due to our media based society and the need to fit in, teenagers will go to any distance with it. Media makes us feel that we have to look and act a certain way and teens often fall into the trap and find themselves under pressure. This leads to finding ways to numb their pain and often it’s the illegal drugs which come to their aid faster than their family.

Drug awareness workshops help teens learn the dangers early, and with knowledge, they tend to refrain from abusing substances. If they are told about the side effects or how fatal even a little dose can get, they will generally stay away and understand that there is a lot more to their lives than drugs.

Early knowledge brings better understanding and schools are able to educate teens much faster than the society can.

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