Special Needs Workshops Are Our Speciality

2020 Dreams believes that for young people with learning disabilities it is important to make sure they are open to the same experience that mainstream education offers. With a variety of tailor made Special Needs Workshops 2020 Dreams aims to help engage educate and explore new cultures subjects and arts alongside children with learning disabilities. Offering numerous workshops from Chinese Ribbon Dance, Samba Drumming and Mask Making to name but a few examples to make sure the experience is fun, educational and bespoke to their needs.

It is also key that facilitators have experience within the area and can pitch the workshops at the correct level. All of our facilitators have years of experience and training not only in the particular workshop but in teaching special needs. Making sure the Special Needs Workshops work for and with special needs children is 2020 Dreams speciality, finding out what goals you are looking to achieve and what you require from the workshop is our aim.

Special Needs Workshops are tailored to meet the group’s and individual needs, whether that be to do with difficulties in comprehension or mobility. The aim is for the participants to feel safe and supported yet still have fun and achieve as much as they can during the Special Needs Workshop. The goals remain the same – working through drama, design, movement or music to produce a piece of work that can be shown to others, but the emphasis is very much on the quality of the process for these young people, and making sure that mixed abilities are catered for.

We provide workshops for young people of all spectrums and abilities from moderate to profound disabilities including physical, learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

To Book a workshop on Special Needs & Learning Disabilities, or you have a specific workshop in mind please call us today; we have many unique programs available for you! contact us on 0800 689 9909 for more information.