The Rise of the Girl Gang (and Girls in Gangs)


The Rise of the Girl Gang (and Girls in Gangs): Covering Female Gang Roles, Social Media Grooming, Sexual Exploitation, All-Female Gangs and Much More by Letise Sampson is part of the 2020 Dreams series of publications aimed at raising awareness and engaging with at risk youth, this book aims to raise awareness of the full extent of girls’ activity within the gang lifestyle.

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The Rise of the Girl Gang (and Girls in Gangs)

Despite girl gangs having been active in the UK for decades, there has been little research on either all-girl gangs or girls within mixed gangs. Where females are featured, they are usually treated as the exceptional case – the wild tomboy, the sex object or the cold ‘honey trap’ killer.

But things are changing. There is evidence of a new wave of girl gangs emerging from the shadows and many of them are just as committed to violence and crime as their male counterparts. Before we can tackle this growing trend, we need to understand it.

This book is designed to raise awareness of the existence of girls in gangs and to understand how their experiences and activities are both similar and very different to those of males.

What risk factors predict girls joining gangs? Do these differ from male risk factors? What roles do females play within the gang heirarchy? Do all girl gangs exist? What is life like for girls in mainly male gangs? What role does social media play in girl gang affiliation? These questions and more are addressed within.

This book is written by Letise Sampson who shares personal and shocking stories of the female gang activity he encountered while growing up in London. Backed by decades of research and containing case studies from recent high profile media reports, this book is the perfect companion for our flagship resource: Getting to Grips with Gangs.


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