Getting Real with Guns and Knives


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Getting Real with Guns and Knives: Weapon Crime Reduction – A Resource Guide for Teachers, Parents, Young People and the Wider Community’ by Letise Sampson is a 2020 Rising publication focused on raising awareness about the history, causes, legal implications and potential solutions to knife and gun crime.

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Getting Real with Guns & Knives

Getting Real with Guns and Knives: Weapon Crime Prevention – A Resource Guide for Teachers, Parents, Young People and the Wider Community’ by Letise Sampson is a 2020 Rising publication focused on raising awareness about the history, causes, legal implications and potential solutions to knife and gun crime.

Most people understand that carrying a knife represents a serious threat to life and liberty. Yet too many young people still make the decision to carry one.

Youths and adults alike are sometimes exposed to myths about knives and guns so it is important that everyone keeps themselves fully informed. For example, did you know that:

  • It is illegal to sell a knife of any kind to anyone under the age of 18 (except in Scotland where cutlery and kitchen knives are allowed)
  • It is illegal to buy, sell or carry a firearm without a license
  • It is illegal to buy or sell an imitation firearm to anyone under the age of 18
  • It is illegal to carry a knife in public without good reason unless the blade is 3 inches or shorter and it is not a banned type (e.g. a Swiss army knife is allowed)
  • Examples of banned knives include zombie knives, disguised knives, stealth knives and swords. It is illegal for anyone to buy, sell or carry these
  • Self-protection is never deemed a good reason to carry a knife
  • It is illegal to use any knife – even a legal one – in a threatening manner

Getting Real with Guns and Knives,’ will equip readers with up to date information, research findings and the details of various weapon crime strategies.

All 2020 Rising publications are also designed to be hands-on and practical. Teachers and parents will find plenty of activities, discussion points and real life case studies (both uplifting and harrowing) to help them to engage with their students and children.

Topics include:

  • The impact of weapon crime on physical and mental health
  • Peer influence and weapon use
  • The effects of social media and video games
  • The role of the police and government in tackling knives and guns
  • Borough wars and the postcode trap
  • Risk perception and reassuring communities
  • The reasons why youths carry knives
  • Predicting youth violence
  • Measuring outcomes of anti-weapon strategies
  • Knife and gun law through time
  • Trap and drill music: a cause or a symptom?
  • The link between drug trafficking and weapons use
  • County lines operations
  • History of knife crime in the United Kingdom
  • Better together: why we need multi-agency strategies
  • The need for school and family initiatives
  • Risk and protective factors
  • Violent behaviour and youth culture

This in-depth resource is a valuable addition to any anti-weapon program you may be running in your school, youth institution or community group. You can download a paid copy here:

Alternatively, book a 2020 Rising Knife & Gun Crime Awareness training or workshop package.

6 reviews for Getting Real with Guns and Knives

  1. Avatar

    Sue Williams

    Wow this was quite a read. A warning that it does deal with some pretty scary stories of knife crime from the personal experiences from Letise. I think the book is needed to show young people the real realities of knife crime. I’ve learnt a lot from this and highly recommended book to teachers and young people.

  2. Avatar

    Adrena Young

    A very surprising read I must say. Letise shares some very personal stories of his experiences with knife crime and as I parent it hits home. I have 2 teenage sons and I am worried about their safety every day, especially how Leicester is now changing to a war zone. This book will give you a good starting point on how to talk to your kids about knife crime and also sign post the dangers they might be involved in a gangs. Def 5 Stars!

  3. Avatar

    Danny Jewson

    Great training book on Knife Crime. Even though my children are from Hampstead, I still worry everyday as Camden Town has a huge knife crime problem. This book will allow you to help teach your kids about laws and peer presssure, everyone needs to get upto speed knife crime and gang cultrue. Save our children.

  4. Avatar

    Claire Macpherson

    Great book! Highly recommned if you work with young people in the community, especially how the UK is suffering from a knife crime epidemic.

  5. Avatar

    Brian Smith

    Getting real with Guns and Knives by Letise Sampson, is a fantastic resource book, packed full of practical and useful information, recommended for anyone wanting to tackle the issue of gun and knife crime.

  6. Avatar

    Phillip Stockton

    A great source of knife crime related information and harm reduction, with accurate reports on the mental health effects on society at large. My school will benefit from this resource for ongoing training and awareness.

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