Sex Education Workshops by 2020 Dreams are workshops are aimed to address social issues surrounding sex and relations to empower young people to be able to make the right choices in life.

Our sex education workshops use a creative approach in making the right and informed choices. – Through drama based performance and various interactive activities participants will gain a further understanding of the importance of sex. It is important to make sure that children get the correct support and knowledge where sexual education is concerned and this can be a tricky and touchy subject.

Sex Education Workshops are aimed to provide all participants with current and factual information in an effort to promote healthy sexuality and healthy choices, preventing unplanned pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted infections and sexual exploitation.

All workshops welcome and encourage questions from participants, it is important to note that depending on age we tailor these workshops to suit your needs and outcomes.

Sex Education Workshops allow young people to talk, listen and think about sex, relationships and other sensitive subjects in a way that reduces embarrassment and protects privacy. Also to act out various scenarios of issues facing they encounter regular basics, this is important in understanding the key elements of sexual education.

Elements include:

  • A focus on reducing specific risky behaviours
  • A basis in theories which explain what influences people’s sexual choices and behaviour
  • A clear, and continuously reinforced message about sexual behaviour and risk reduction
  • Providing accurate information about, the risks associated with sexual activity, about contraception and birth control, and about methods of avoiding or deferring intercourse
  • Dealing with peer and other social pressures on young people; providing opportunities to practise communication, negotiation and assertion skills
  • Uses a variety of approaches to teaching and learning that involve and engage young people and help them to personalise the information
  • Uses approaches to teaching and learning which are appropriate to young people’s age, experience and cultural background
  • Is provided by people who believe in what they are saying and have access to support in the form of training or consultation with other sex educators

Sex education is a sensitive and tricky subject to teach at times, it is very important at all participants get the information they require and feel comfortable to ask questions. All our facilitators are experts at teaching sex education, they encourage participants to get involved and make the workshop more interesting, interactive and memorable, thus making learning easy and straight forward.

Please visit our Sex Education Workshops page to find out more information.