Sexual risk taking behaviour has increased in the last ten years and this has brought an increase in unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions among others. These behaviours can ruin and risk children’s lives, it might cause maternal mortality and they might get STDs if they are having unprotected sex and multiple sex partners. Early pregnancy too can affect their future as in some cases children will stop going to school. A good sex education is the solution to these problems. 2020 Dreams has a key interest in this issue with our Sex Education Workshops we aim to help make children aware as our key interest is the future of the youth.

Schools often don’t spend a lot of time on sex education because it can sometimes be a tricky or touchy subject to teach. This combined with the fact sometimes parents don’t want to talk about sex means that children could miss out on vital facts.

Some parents do a great job of talking to their children about sex. They’re open to questions, they listen to what they have to say, and they want to help. But they are sadly in the minority. But for the most part, it comes down to this: Not all schools are giving students the answers they require. So how important can sex education really be if students are not receiving the information they need? Learning about sex only helps to learn about your body, your relationships with other people, and could possibly save your life, so it is imperative that we teach this to children.

Sex is a difficult subject to talk about; sexual relationships are a very personal and private matter, not to mention all the emotions, feelings, and sensations that go along with it. Talking openly about a personal, emotion-filled act is not an easy thing to do for anyone. It takes practice, time, and a lot of care. With our Sex Education Workshops we aim to make students feel comfortable talking about these subjects. Providing children and parents with current and factual information is essential in order to promote healthy sexuality and healthy choices and to prevent unplanned pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted infections and sexual exploitation. All programs welcome and encourage questions from participants.

We offer a variety of workshops to meet the needs and interests of specific groups based on subject matter, age level.

Our workshops allows young people to talk, listen and think about sex, relationships and other sensitive subjects in a way that reduces embarrassment and protects privacy. Also to act out various scenarios of issues facing they encounter regular basics.

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