Here are a few key reasons as to why Sexual Education Workshops are and important way for children to learn about Sex.

  • Youngsters usually derive information on sex and related subjects from sources like friends, books, the media comprising advertising, television, magazines and the Internet. The problem is that these sources may or may not really provide them correct and accurate information. As such, sex education will help in transferring authentic info and in the process also correct any misinformation that they may have apart from adding to their already existing knowledge.
  • Sex education imparted through schools can prove to be a significant and effective method of bettering the youngster’s sex-related knowledge, attitude and behaviour.
  • Sex education in school is important because many parents are shy about talking / teaching their children on this subject.
  • Educating children on sex related issues also requires one to know how to broach the subject, what information to impart and what to hold back. All these can be carefully handled by one of our trained sex educator.
  • It is a fact that more and more teens these days are engaging into premarital sex. This further underscores the need for sex education to students. This will help them make better informed decisions about their personal sexual activities.
  • Many argue that sex education also helps to lessen risk behaviours in teenagers like engaging in unprotected sex which result in unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

In our Sex Education Workshops we aim to provide children, youth, and parents with current and factual information in an effort to promote healthy sexuality and healthy choices and to prevent unplanned pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted infections and sexual exploitation. All programs welcome and encourage questions from participants.

We offer a variety of workshops to meet the needs and interests of specific groups based on subject matter, age level.

Our workshops allows young people to talk, listen and think about sex, relationships and other sensitive subjects in a way that reduces embarrassment and protects privacy. Also to act out various scenarios of issues facing they encounter regular basics.

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