The frequent tragic news headlines involving young people and crime has significantly increased the fear of Youth crime and cemented the fact that more needs to be done in tackling youth crime. Young people are carrying knives and guns without thinking about the consequences, which can include being scarred for life, maimed or even killed.

69 teenagers are victims of knife crime every week in London and nearly half of all murders are carried out with a knife. Crime Stoppers statistics.

Our  drama based workshops can be customised to look at this disturbing emergence of crime by using interactive learning to engage participants.

Our Knife and Gun is a bespoke workshop that is designed to meet the needs of your organisations and can be customised to focus on various topics below to meet your needs.

  • To help young people develop an awareness of crime and its consequences
  • To help young people gain a greater respect and understanding for others
  • To increase awareness about being responsible for one’s own actions
  • To make young people more aware that the law is there to protect as well as to punish
  • To build a greater understanding of Citizenship within young people
  • To help young people recognise the difference between real prison life and that portrayed in TV dramas
  • To show effects of different drugs, legal and illegal, and the link between drugs and crime
  • Increase awareness about the effects and impact of crime upon victims and the community
  • To help young people stay safe, free from crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Seek to discourage the vulnerable young from making a mistake that could ruin their adult lives
  • Effects of anti-social behaviour in local communities
  • To promote the value of adopting positive lifestyles
  • Children as young as six are being introduced to gang culture by seeing their brothers with knives and guns. This is the chilling reality.

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