Children in the UK are more fearful of attacks and intimidation on their commute to and from school than pupils in other European countries, a recent study suggests.

According to the study of 4,000 pupils in eight countries in Europe, 31% of those questioned in the UK worry about being harmed or bullied on their journeys to school.

This compares with 19% in total across the seven other European countries studied.

Greater awareness of bullying and crime in the UK could be fuelling these fears, the researchers suggest.

In this first cross-European study of the experiences of young people during their journeys to and from school, concerns of young people in the UK seem to outweigh the real threat that they face from bullying and other anti-social behaviour.

The research said that of the 1,700 children from the East of England questioned in the study, 80% had never experienced any victimisation of any sort.

All of these facts are difficult to gage but what we can take from this recent study is that the UK still has a bullying problem and probably will for many years to come. This does not mean we should simply give up we need to address these issues on all levels as much as we can to reduce the amount of the bullying within the UK.

We offer a variety of Anti Bullying Workshops and can work on numerous areas of bullying such as, conflict resolution, awareness, cyber bullying, physical and verbal. If the environment at your school supports bullying, working to change it can really help your students lifestyle and experiences.

Most people hesitate to speak out because it can be hard. It takes confidence to stand up to a bully especially if he or she is one of the established group leaders.

When a group of people keeps quiet like this, the bully’s reach can be extending beyond just one person. He or she is managing to intimidate lots of people, be it in a physical or verbal way. But when one person speaks out against a bully, the reverse happens. It gives others license to add their support and take a stand, too. This results in solving the issue and then the bully can be dealt with appropriately.

Our Bullying Workshops are aimed at helping children understand in more detail about bullying and how to deal with it, it is important that all of us look out for these signs and try to help put a stop to it. Our Anti Bullying Workshops are a great soundboard for students to discuss real problems or potential issues that worry them. Making participants feel welcomed and able to share these sometimes personal issues is hard but with our fully trained facilitators it helps to make the workshop much more interactive and rewarding.

We also offer workshops for adults to help guide them in the correct direction regarding bullying, aimed at teachers and parents it is important to know how to deal with both victims and bullies.

Our Anti Bullying Workshops are designed to be customised according to the needs of your organisation and are a natural compliment to your anti-bullying policy.

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