Enterprise Workshop

  • Duration: 1 – 4 hours (Custom Sessions Available)
  • Location: UK/International
  • Suitability: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Foster Homes, Prisons, Secure Hospitals, PRUs, Young Offender Institutions, Charities and Corporations
  • Workshop Type: Face to Face or Virtual Facilitation via Zoom/Teams etc
  • Staff Training/Corporate Workshops: Yes
  • Training Resources: Yes

Not everybody has the ability to envision, fund, build and manage a successful business but those who do can come from any background regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, nationality and social class. 2020 Dreams Enterprise Workshops, one of our range of Business, Career and Money Management courses, focus on helping young people from all walks of life, particularly the disadvantaged, to develop the skills, awareness and, most importantly, the attitude to succeed in the demanding but rewarding world of entrepreneurship.

Our Enterprise Workshops help teenagers and young adults, some of who may have struggled with low self-esteem and motivation, to develop a positive attitude and work ethic required to succeed in the real world of business. With examples such as Sir Alan Sugar, Oprah Winfrey and James Dyson to inspire them, students will learn to unlock their inner potential, apply a range of high-level business skills and maximise their chances of successfully running a viable business.

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It is now easier than ever to get started in the business. The expansion of the internet and cloud computing has helped to stimulate a booming ‘gig economy, ‘ opening up the opportunity for small has meant that even micro-businesses can now compete with larger companies. The result of the UK referendum on the membership of the European Union in 2016 has also changed the enterprise landscape and offers both challenges and opportunities to the budding entrepreneur looking to contribute to the UK economy while building personal success.

What Students Will Learn on a 2020 Effect Enterprise Course

The 2020 Effect Enterprise Workshop covers every aspect of becoming a successful entrepreneur from the basic business skills necessary to get off the ground to the character attributes and mental endurance necessary to sustain an enterprise in the long term.

Students will learn how to:

  • access their creativity to generate ideas
  • evaluate ideas for viability
  • identify gaps in the market
  • carry out effective market research
  • brand a business and come up with a business name
  • write a business plan
  • carry out fundamental business calculations
  • market their business to customers
  • draw up financial forecasts
  • raise funds

As with all 2020 Effect courses, our Enterprise workshop is fully participatory with plenty of exercises and activities to maintain students’ attention throughout. Part of the itinerary will include scenario-based role-plays where students will take it in turn to pitch and evaluate pitches; negotiate conflicts and make business decisions. There will also be plenty of opportunities for young people to relay experiences, ask questions and discuss all aspects of running a business via facilitated open discussion forums. Participants will have the chance to critique each other’s business plans, compare strategies and otherwise benefit from sharing knowledge. Some workshops may also include presentations from successful entrepreneurs.

Are you Interested in an Enterprise Workshop for your Young People?

Could the next industry-changing business talent already be in your school, college or institution waiting to be discovered? Nobody is too young to start a successful business enterprise as entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Catherine Cook, Dominic McVey, Ashley Qualls and Mark Zuckerberg have proven.

Our information-packed enterprise courses are fully risk assessed and run by dedicated and talented facilitators who have all had DBS (enhanced) clearance. We can deliver our workshops wherever you are located in the UK and we are always happy to discuss customising course content to meet your specific requirements.

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