Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

To help children and teens to make wise choices about their relationships, including sexual activity, our extensive range of workshops include Sexuality and Making Better Decisions, Sex & Peer Pressure and many more.

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Life, Crime & Social Survival

2020 Dreams provide a wide range of Life, Crime & Social Survival workshops that are uniquely are designed to raise the awareness of potential dangers and make sensible choices to avoid or escape them.

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Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution

2020 Rising Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution workshops can help halt that journey towards destruction and assist the young person to reconnect with their education.

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Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

2020 Dreams Mental, Physical & Emotional Well-being workshops tackle two key areas of life that together make a huge difference in a young person’s self-confidence, mental and physical health, academic potential and employability.

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Business, Career & Money Management

Our Business, Career & Money Management workshops prepare young people for the ‘real’ world of work, helping them to become participating citizens who contribute to the UK economy.

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PSHE Workshop – Active Learning

Empowering a Generation: Workshops for Sensitive Topics

Growing up is a challenge for anyone, and in the 21st Century world of cyber-bullying, gun and knife crime and pressure to experiment with drugs and sex, children and young adults are perhaps more vulnerable than ever before.

2020 Dreams believe that children and adolescents can overcome the pressures of the present and even the disadvantages of the past to survive and even thrive in life.

By developing a full awareness of the reality of the world around them and learning key skills to negotiate difficult circumstances, our young people can choose the path to a happy, healthy, crime-free life and avoid the consequences of taking a wrong turn.

We have created a specialist program called 2020 Dreams, to help empower children of all ages and abilities with the help of specialist workshops and training programs.

We work with youth centres, the prison system, pupil referral units, educational establishments, charities and the Police to bring a much-needed positive focus to those who may be without hope.

By encouraging young people to develop goals and motivate themselves, while providing support and guidance, our experienced mentors and workshop leaders are actively turning lives around.

Young people are growing up in a complex, globally connected world which presents them with new challenges on top of the ones we all faced on the journey to adulthood.

Safeguarding our children’s mental and physical well-being requires a new way of reaching out and engaging with them: active learning. Active learning. The old style of standing in front of a class and telling children how to be safe doesn’t work any more (if it ever did). Even video presentations will only have a limited positive impact.

As all teachers know, young people today need to be actively involved in their learning, tackling the material alongside their educators and fellow peers to come to a shared, lasting understanding.

2020 Dreams extensive range of active learning-based workshops will complement and extend your existing PSHE programme. We have divided them into five key areas to help you choose the right PSHE workshop for your needs:

Sex and Relationship Education (SHE)

To help children and teens to make wise choices about their relationships, including sexual activity, our range of workshops include Sexuality and Making Better Decisions and Sex & Peer Pressure. We also cover those challenging topics that teachers and parents may struggle with, including STD Awareness and Teenage Sexual Abuse. We also recommend considering a PSHE workshop on Consent, Rape & Harassment and Sexting & Online Privacy to cover some of the most current and important challenges facing boys and girls today.

Life, Crime & Social Survival

Sadly, the impact of crime, including violent crime on our young people is all too apparent from the daily news. Our range of Life, Crime & Social Survival workshops are designed to raise awareness of potential dangers and make sensible choices to avoid or escape them.

For those concerned about the influence of crime on children’s lives, workshops on Gun & Knife Crime Awareness or Gang Prevention & Awareness will tackle these issues. We even deliver a PSHE workshop on County Lines: Gang Led Child Drug Trafficking.

To help children and teens avoid addictions and risky behaviours, our workshops also include Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Addiction (which covers popular activities such as gaming and excessive body art).

Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an unavoidable and, many would say, necessary part of growing up. However, it is easier than ever with social media for conflict to escalate into areas which threaten the health and safety of young people.

To build strong foundations, we recommend our positive workshops on Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Promoting Cultural Awareness. In some situations, a more focused PSHE workshop on issues such as Racial Discrimination, Sexual Bullying or Islamophobia in Schools may be needed.

Mental, Emotional & Physical Well-Being

Sowing the seeds of a healthy life begins early and children of all ages will benefit from our Healthy Relationships, Mental Health & Positive Thinking and Confidence Building workshops. We also deliver workshops on practical issues such as Healthy Eating and Personal Hygiene & Grooming.

In some circumstances, young people may need help with difficult issues which teachers and parents feel unable to bring up. A 2020 Dreams PSHE workshop on Understanding Depression or a Suicide Workshop can provide that external support.

Business, Career & Money Management

A lack of opportunity is often quoted as a reason for children and teenagers making poor choices and even turning to crime. 2020 Dreams have designed a number of life-affirming workshops to help young people recognise opportunities and take them.

For example, we can offer an Enterprise Workshop or a PSHE workshop on Financial Responsibility, Money & Budgeting.

Why our PSHE workshops are effective

2020 Dreams workshops make use of active learning techniques which have been proven to help young people to engage with teaching material. These include role play exercises and open forum discussions.

All 2020 Dreams workshops are run by skilled and experienced facilitators. The material covered is tailored to the appropriate age level of the students and can be customised to fit the needs of the school or young person’s institution.

To find out more details about workshop content or to book a PSHE workshop, please call us on 0800 4714983 or email hello@2020dreams.org.uk