Knife, gun and gang crime is wholly unacceptable and reducing it is a key priority for the government. Too many young lives are lost due to violent crimes.

Ending gang and youth violence: a cross-government report

The cross-government report, published on 1 November 2011, sets out detailed plans to make combat this issue:

  • providing support to local areas to tackle the problem
  • preventing young people from becoming involved in violence in the first place – with a new emphasis on early intervention and prevention
  • offering pathways out of violence and the gang culture for young people, who want to break with the past
  • punishment and enforcement to suppress the violence of those refusing to exit violent lifestyles
  • partnership-working to join up the way local areas respond to gang and other youth violence

Communities against guns, gangs and knives fund

The communities against guns, gangs and knives (CAGGK) fund will provide £4 million for the voluntary and community sector over the next two years; £2 million will be available during 2011/12 and a further £2 million during 2012/13.

The funding criteria are focused on voluntary sector organisations working with young people at risk of involvement in gang, gun and knife crime or to support those who are involved to leave. Each successful organisation will receive up to £10,000 each per year to prevent the involvement of teenagers in gun, gang and knife crime.

The application process for the CAGGK fund has now closed. Applications are currently being assessed and applicants will be informed of the outcome shortly.

What we’re doing

Here at 2020 Dreams it is our goal to help prevent such violence and crimes through educational workshops. Talking to young people and finding out on a grass roots level the issues and problems people face on a daily basis is important. Making students feel comfortable at ease and able to talk to each other is very important.

Please visit our knife and gun crime workshops to find out more.

Or call us on 0800 689 9909 and we can help you.