An increasing number of young people & children seem to be resorting to knife carrying. Young children in inner-city areas particularly have to face knife crime in their neighbourhood directly. How can we reduce this & encourage young people to make good choices, rather than ones that will potentially blight the rest of their lives?

The Institute for Crime & Justice Studies did a great piece of research on knife crime & carrying amongst young people, & they found that the most effective method of reducing weapons carrying amongst young people on a local level was the use of education workshops. The key with 2020 Dreams Knife Crime Workshops are that they are effective because they are run by people that the children can identify with. This combined with a vast amount of interesting engaging content means that they are very successful in helping to raise awareness in children of a young age.

One of the findings of the study done by the ICJS was that Anti Knife Workshops had to be done by someone that young people could relate to, not an ‘authority figure’. Knife Crime Workshops are designed to be delivered to young people. If we are serious about getting the message out that knife carrying is not the answer to a young person’s personal safety then starting at an early age is key. Workshops delivered in school are great as they are in an environment where they are used to sitting & learning, so it is an extremely useful place to deliver Knife Crime Workshops.

How Our Knife Crime Workshops Help?

We believe that young people should realise the reality of crime and these workshops aim to do just that. The workshop begins with drama based role play by a professional expert facilitator to introduce the topic, and prepare the participants for a group discussion on the underlying issues relating to knife crime.

Participants are then encouraged to try to find practical solutions to deal with the issues. The workshop will consider conflict resolution and resisting peer pressure and techniques on how with deal comprising situations. In this interactive workshop participants will learn the key ingredients needed to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance towards crime in society today.

Our Knife Crime Workshops are design to be delivered in two ways:

Either a hard hitting workshop designed for people referral units or Young Offender Institutes bespoke to your organisations need. Or a general awareness Knife Crime Workshop designed for schools, Youth Centres and people who may be vulnerable to influences of crime. Alternatively our Knife Crime Workshops can be designed to meet the particular needs of your school or organisation.

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