On March the 1st BBC news reported that “Knife-related crime dropped 28% in Scotland over the festive period, according to official figures.” These figures very encouraging and have many significant factors which have played a large role in bring these statistics down. One role would be the work of 2020 Dreams who provide Knife and Gun Crime Workshops for schools up and down the country.

Police officers, government and partners such as 2020 Dreams  working with young people to reduce Knife and Gun crime know that this is only the start and becoming complacent will not solve the problem. Educating young people on the dangers and consequences of Gun and Knife crime is what 2020 Dreams is working towards.

Educating young people about the dangers of carrying knifes, with laws tightening and tougher enforcement laws coming into affect. Such as the No Knives Better Lives campaign and the work of Violence Reduction Unit to tackle the root causes of violence and end this blight on our communities.

2020 Dreams carefully structure our Knife and Gun crime workshops for maximum impact. Each session is run by one of our professional expert facilitators who will be experienced in presenting sensitive issues using role-play scenarios.

Ultimately, we believe that education about gun and knife crime is an important part of any child support programme, and is one of the key ingredients in moving towards a situation of zero tolerance towards the carrying of offensive weapons.