Homophobic Workshops in Schools

Across the country many schools, teachers and parents are unaware of the extent of Homophobic Bullying in Schools and all round Bullying in general. Schools, teachers and parents alike may not understand or find it difficult to address and objectively find a resolution to the situation; this is where 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshops can help.

“Most Welsh councils do not know the extent of homophobic bullying in schools because they do not keep a record of it, Plaid Cymru claims. A freedom of information (FOI) request by the party found that only four out of 22 local authorities had information about bullying incidents.”

Many reports of Homophobic bullying are going unnoticed, due to schools not keeping a strict record, yet many are aware of the rising problem. 2020 Dreams can address the situation, work to find a resolution, train and instruct teachers on the best way to go about these issues with fun and engaging Anti Bullying Workshops.

“It reveals that most local authorities are in the dark over the extent of homophobic bullying and, possibly, bullying generally,”

It’s not only schools but also the local authorities that are unaware of the extent of Bullying in schools. Many schools are taking the matter into their own hands by booking one of 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshops. We start off our Anti-Bullying Workshops with a drama-based role-playing scenario led by our experienced and professional facilitators. This forms the groundwork for a group discussion on the issue of bullying including the reasons that lie behind it and how and where to access help. Related issues such as racism, exclusion, conflict resolution and peer pressure will also be explored.

“Knowing the extent of any problem is key to dealing with it, so something needs to change.”

Finding and knowing the route of the problem is the first step in tackling the ever rising problem of homophobic bullying in schools. Choose 2020 Dreams today to help combat the problem with one of our Homophobic Bullying Workshop.