Gun Crime and Knife Crime are both areas that seem to be increasing, particularly amongst young males. Is a gang culture mixed with a lack of education the reason for these increasing crimes taking place? How can we prevent the youth of today from getting involved in such crimes and are we failing to educate them.

Some would argue that there is something about the street gang culture which discourages academic success and generates attitudes which are part of a deviant sub-culture. When it comes to reducing knife and gun crime, community service sentences for those caught carrying a weapon are having little real effect on the problem. In fact there appears to be a growing anger and resentment amongst the general public at the governments continued commitment to tough words but limp action.

Some people believe poverty and lack of opportunity, the “must have now” culture, fuelled by the easy access to credit for even to those unable to afford it. The growing divide between the rich and poor, the breakdown of family values and discipline, are just some of the issues which probably have to be tackled if we are really going to solve the problem. Such a cultural change may take a generation or two to achieve, but unless we get started, things are likely to get a lot worse before they get better.

A key element in tackling the problem is to challenge the “glamorisation” of gangs and drugs among young people. We need to make sure that children are getting the correct facts delivered in the correct way regarding Gun & Knife Crime. We are clearly experiencing an epidemic of gun and knife crime in Britain, a failure to do anything to bring young males into the fold of the wider society will see, as in the United States, gun and knife crime turn from an epidemic which hits the headlines into an endemic problem so deep-seated and taken for granted that the media will hardly bother to comment on it.

How Our Gun & Knife Crime Workshops Help?

At 2020 Dreams we believe that young people should realise the reality of crime and these workshops aim to do just that. A typical workshop begins with drama based role play by a professional expert facilitator to introduce the topic, and prepare the participants for a group discussion on the underlying issues relating to gun & knife crime.

Participants are then encouraged to try to find practical solutions to deal with the issues. The workshop will consider conflict resolution and resisting peer pressure and techniques on how with deal comprising situations. In this interactive workshop participants will learn the key ingredients needed to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance towards crime in society today.

Our Knife Crime Workshops are design to be delivered in two ways:

Either a hard hitting workshop designed for people referral units or Young Offender Institutes bespoke to your organisations need. Or a general awareness Knife Crime Workshop designed for schools, Youth Centres and people who may be vulnerable to influences of crime. Alternatively our Knife Crime Workshops can be designed to meet the particular needs of your school or organisation.

Please contact us on 0800 689 9909 for more information on designing a personalised program.

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