In today’s education the majority of young people experience a ‘traditional’ education of maths, history and English – all very important subjects – but today, young people also need to be taught how to be enterprising and ‘think’ like entrepreneurs – so they can create their own inspiring businesses and community projects, and be more enterprising within their careers and society.

The popular TV program the apprentice helps to promote how to be entrepreneurial; this is something that we consider is very important for children to learn. Programs like The Apprentice and Dragons Den are very useful in helping to increase the awareness of Enterprise Workshops and the importance they have.

2020 Dreams want to help make young people more enterprising – not only to help them start thinking about the benefits of running their own business, but also to recognise the benefits of having an enterprising attitude.  Enterprise Workshops have a positive impact in every area of life, including being an enterprising employee working for someone else.

Enterprise Workshops encourage school pupils to develop enterprise skills – being creative, innovative, able to manage and take risks, having good team working and problem solving skills, and adopting a “can-do” attitude – across the curriculum.

During our Enterprise Workshops pupils also find out how and why businesses operate, and about working practices and environments, by undertaking tasks and activities in a workplace setting. Our Enterprise Workshops provides youth centres, schools and educational establishments with up to date relevant knowledge and skills in being enterprising.

Our Enterprise Workshops are designed to be customised according to the needs of your organisation.

Don’t be fired get hired!

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