2020 Dreams provided yet another successful enterprise workshop at the prestigious South Bank University. The second of three Enterprise workshops to be held at the London based campus was facilitated by Lanre, experienced in the world of business.

Mark Ellis, Schools and colleges outreach Manager commented “Lanre was great, thank you very much for providing him for us again.”

The workshop was part of the Widening Participation project run by the University which is

“…committed to supporting applicants who may believe that university is not relevant to them. This is often because there is little or no history of other family members engaging in Higher Education (HE).

We enable young people and adults to find ways round or over barriers that stand in their way to success. We are particularly keen to encourage those who are under represented in HE; often care leavers, people with disabilities and those from other minority groups…”

http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/wpu/index.shtml (9th August 2010)

Working with 12 students Lanre got to know each member of the group and explored the possibilities open to them in enterprise, using experience, knowledge and passion the members were encourage to explore the benefits of further education and how higher education and enterprise come hand in hand.

If your organisation would like to explore enterprise or maybe an enterprise session could help you tackle social issue such as confidence building, attention and behavioural issues then please call 2020 dreams on 01908 255 988, our experience support team can develop a workshop package to suite your needs.