Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops are aimed to help children and young people develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, promote responsibility towards the use of drugs and relate these to their own actions, both now and in their future lives.

With the use of 2020 Dreams Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops as an addition to your PSHE and citizenship curriculum, it enables children and young people to make informed choices through:

  • The provision of balanced, factual information and development of understanding of that information
  • The development of a range of personal skills
  • The clarification of their own attitudes and values in the context of their peers, families, communities and wider society.

Communication Is Key!

  • Talk to your children about drugs from an early age – they become aware earlier now due to stories in the media or in television programmes they watch
  • Show them that your main concern is for their health, safety and well being
  • Talk with them rather than at or to them
  • Listen carefully to their feelings and views. It is important they know they can be honest with you
  • Try to explain your feelings and concerns
  • If they tell you they are taking drugs – do not panic. One sort of drug use doesn’t necessarily lead to a life of addiction and crime.

2020 Dreams offers workshops across the UK in educating young people about drugs and its misuse. We also act as consultants in development and training programs for your staff to tackle these problems.

Our Drugs and Alcohol Education Services provides youth centres, schools and educational establishments with up to date relevant knowledge understanding and skills in relation to substance misuse.

Our Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops are designed to be customised according to the needs of your organisation and are a natural compliment to your anti-bullying policy.

To book a workshop on peer pressure please contact us on 0800 471 4983 for more information.