Bullying isn’t something that just happens in the real world, most teenagers have a social network presence and more and more are being bullied through this social networking. It is very important that we help to educate children in how to correctly use these sites so that they can help to prevent online bullying.

2020 Dreams offers expert Anti Bullying Workshops which help tackle a range of bullying problems, one being that of social network bullying or cyber bullying. Our workshops are aimed at helping to make children aware of the pitfalls of social networking and helping them to manage and address any issues that may arise.

So what are online social networks?

There are many different online social networks that let you chat with other internet users.

You can create your own profile and user name; fill in details about your likes and dislikes, share all your interests, comments, add music, videos and photos to your profile that other people can comment on. All of which is a great way of sharing information and interacting however this can also be used by bullies to target individuals.

Social networks you may have seen include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Bebo
  • Last.fm
  • FriendFeed
  • YouTube
  • Flickr

Sadly there are people who use social networks to tease and bully others, abusing the system and individuals with various methods.

Ways of bullying online:

  • post abusive messages on your profile wall
  • add rude comments to a picture you’ve uploaded
  • put a video or photo on their own profile that makes fun of someone and encourage their friends to send it to others
  • share an abusive message or photo with other users

Bullying on social networks is very difficult to deal with, especially if a victim is being bullied by the same person at school.

There are some methods you can use to help, if you’re getting bullied by a linked friend, block them or delete them from your list. If you’re getting bullied by someone and they try to become your friend online, you can refuse their friend request. After all, why would you want to chat online with someone you don’t get on with in the real world?

In our specialist workshops we offer help to children who need it guidance on subjects such as Cyber bullying how to prevent or safeguard against it, ways of dealing with bullies and making sure that you have your privacy and security settings set correctly.

Our Bullying Workshops are aimed at helping children understand in more detail about bullying and how to deal with it, it is important that all of us look out for these signs and try to help put a stop to it. We also offer workshops for adults to help guide them in the correct direction regarding bullying, aimed at teachers and parents it is important to know how to deal with both victims and bullies.

Our Anti Bullying Workshops are designed to be customised according to the needs of your organisation and are a natural compliment to your anti-bullying policy.

To book a workshop on Anti Bullying please contact us on 0800 689 9909 for more information.