Stamping Out Bullying! A Fresh Approach to a Long-Standing Problem

It is unlikely that bullying will ever go away, but understanding how bullying arises, what forms it takes, and how we can effectively deal with it can empower children and young adults to stand-up to bullies and avoid becoming victims to what is always an unacceptable abuse of power.

Anti bullying workshops

Our anti-bullying workshops are just one of a wide range of powerful educational tools that come under the 2020 Dreams umbrella. 2020 Dreams is a collaborative vision that helps disadvantaged people fulfil their potential and realise their goals.

Bullying, whether in the home, school, the workplace, the playground or ‘the street’, is motivated by the psychological need of one person to exercise power over another.

Behind this definition, of course, is a great deal of misery.

It’s almost unnecessary to define ‘bullying’: we’ve all experienced it, in one form or another; we all recognise it when we see it or its consequences.

Bullying can often be thought of a primarily physical, but verbal bullying is usually where things start and often continue, unless nipped in the bud. ‘Cyber-bullying’ and ‘TXT-bullying’ are a growing and widespread, and are areas that equally need to be addressed.

2020 Dreams offers Anti Bullying Workshops to help aid in tackling this problem. We are specialists in addressing behaviour issues with children and young people, and bring the benefit of vast and varied experience in literally hundreds of schools over the years. Secondly, as we come from outside the direct school community, students tend to be more frank and at ease in what they will share. Meaningful exchanges that air individual attitudes, experiences, and even ‘fears’, are stimulated.

Our Anti Bullying Workshops encourage bullying awareness and aim to empower young people with the skills to tackle bullying using their creativity and imagination. This is a fun and enjoyable workshop that uses a fresh approach to tackle this age old sensitive problem.

We offer the widest range of high quality workshops in PSHE which can be tailored for all ages.

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–          Sexual Relationships & Sexual Health Workshops /(Sex Texting is very popular at the moment)

–          Anti-Bullying Workshops (Cyber Bullying, Sex Texting, Inappropriate Behaviour, Gender Bullying, Mobile Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia )

–          Drugs/Alcohol & Smoking Awareness Workshops

–          Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Workshops

–          Conflict Resolution Workshops

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–          Environmental Issues Workshops

–          Discrimination Workshops

–          Teenage Pregnancy Workshops

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