How Does Bullying Make People Feel?

One of the most painful aspects of bullying is that it is relentless. Most people can take one episode of teasing or name calling, however when it goes on and on, bullying can put a person in a state of constant fear.

Boys and girls who are bullied may find their schoolwork and health suffering. Studies show that people who are abused by their peers are at risk for mental health problems, such as low self-esteem, stress, depression, or anxiety. They may also think about suicide more.

Bullies are at risk for problems, too. Bullying is violence, and it often leads to more violent behaviour as the bully grows up. It’s estimated that 1 out of 4 primary school bullies will have a criminal record by the time they are 30. Some teen bullies end up being rejected by their peers and lose friendships as they grow older. Bullies may also fail in school and not have the career or relationship success that other people enjoy.

2020 Dreams has designed bespoke Anti Bullying Workshops, with anti bullying week coming up from the 14th-18th November, it is a very important time to push the awareness of this major issue.

Students need to be able to discuss their thoughts and feelings towards this very tricky subject, with a 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshop they will be able to do this with someone who they can relate to. Working with one of our facilitators to address different situations, how to deal with them and feeling free to ask both simple and difficult questions getting responses that will help is our job.

Anti Bullying Workshops help individuals to share ideas, situations, along with dealing with the varied subjects associated with bullying. Being able to understand bullying and how it affects us is an important step towards stopping it, which is one of our main goals at 2020 Dreams.

Our Anti Bullying Workshops are designed to be customised according to the needs and requirements please of your organisation and are a natural compliment to your anti-bullying policy.

To book a workshop on peer pressure please contact us on 0800 689 9909 for more information.