Cyber Bullying Workshops.

2020 Dreams can offer Anti Bullying Workshops, focusing on many different potential aspects of bullying such as Cyber Bullying Workshops, find out more with a 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshop. Each year numerous new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary, modernising the way we communicate and go about our day to day business. Words we use without any hesitation have snuck into our language, modernising our vocabulary:-

• Sexting
• Boyf
• Deets
• Bezzie
• Lolz

Smart phones have become a way of life, text, Email and social media has become a part of our daily routine and children are being exposed to these new experiences at younger ages. Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages via mobile phone or instant messenger. The use of sexting in schools and how to combat potential problems arising are extensively covered in one of 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshop. As technology has advanced and mobile phones have the capability to record and send photos and video, the practice of sending suggestive and explicit pictures has increased, especially among teens. Cyber Bullying and Sexting bullying is becoming an ever more prevalent problem, especially within in Schools. In recent years there have been more disturbing and saddening incidents of young teens committing suicide due to the constant threat of cyber bullies. 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshops have been introduced to support, teach and guide teachers in how to deal with these situations. Anti Bullying workshops are there to concentrate on:-

Racism Workshop
Cyber Bullying Workshops
• Cultural Bullying Workshops
• Bullying due to different religious beliefs
• Bullying due to a special need or disability

2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshops are to there to create awareness and tackle Cyber Bullying head on, let 2020 Dreams show you what we can do, book one of 2020 Dreams Anti Bullying Workshops today. Or find out more by visting our website or call the office on 0800 689 9909