Every day thousands of teens get up and are afraid to go to school because of bullying, it is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has effects on everyone, not just the kids on its receiving end. Parents, teachers, and other adults can sometimes be blind to it or they may not understand how extreme bullying can get or be.

Two main reasons that people get bullied are because of appearance and social status. Bullies pick on the people they think don’t fit in, maybe because of looks, how they act, race or religion, or because the bullies think their target may be gay or lesbian.

Some bullies attack their targets physically, which can mean anything from shoving or tripping to punching or hitting. Others use psychological control or verbal insults to put themselves in charge; they may also taunt or tease their targets.

Verbal bullying can also involve sending cruel text messages or email messages or even posting insults about a person on a social media website (known as cyberbullying).

2020 Dreams offers a variety of Anti Bullying Workshops, with anti bullying week coming up from the 14th-18th November, it is important to make students aware and to educate them of the issues surrounding bullying. We feel that for students to be able to act appropriately in times of crisis, they need to feel that they are in an environment where they understand and respect each others’ differences, and are able to put their trust in people as well as letting others put their trust in them.

Anti Bullying Workshops are aimed at sharing these ideas, along with dealing with the varied subjects associated with bullying. From verbal, physical and cyber, by the end of the workshops we hope to have shown students that although there are various tools for dealing with situations helping them gain self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. Being able to understand bullying and how it affects us is an important step towards stopping it.

Our Anti Bullying Workshops are designed to be customised according to the needs of your organisation and are a natural compliment to your anti-bullying policy.

To book a workshop on peer pressure please contact us on 0800 689 9909 for more information.