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Recent Client Testimonials

The Consent & Contraception workshop went really well. The facilitator was incredibly engaging, he was able to hold the students’ attention very easily and there was a great balance of humour and seriousness. I’ve had really positive feedback from the students already, they have learned so much but don’t feel overwhelmed with facts and figures and it wasn’t death by PowerPoint. We would be delighted to invite 2020 Dreams back.

P. Kearney, Harrow School, Boarding, London
Thank you so much for helping us out at such short notice! All three sessions (Contraception, Sex & Making Better Choices and Gang Awareness) were really well run and very valuable to our students. As I was walking around I could see all students were fully engaged and having lots of fun! I received feedback from the students and comments were made such as:

” I really loved the making better choices session, I laughed so much and the man was really funny and made it all relatable”

” I enjoyed how gripping and interesting the Knife crime workshop was because I never knew these things were actually happening around us and I feel like I now know how to deal with these situations responsibly”

Staff commented on how engaged students were during the workshops and we would most certainly love to have your team back again!

H. Chidlow, Thomas Knyvett College, Twickenham, London
Thank you for the workshops provided. The RSE session went very well yesterday. The students and staff commented on how much they enjoyed the session and how informative it was.

F. Stewart, Harris Academy, London

Below are some comments made by staff and students  from London South East Colleges after the workshop re: feedback forms.

Name one thing that has stood out to you/impacted you about today’s presentation:


“Captivating and relevant, he managed to keep the students interested”  Jenna Staff member

“2020 Dreams delivered a really powerful workshop that engaged our young people and enabled them to understand to trappings of gang culture. The delivery was a moving and emotional personal story was really hard-hitting and he had a very dramatic and charismatic delivery” Karina,  Staff Member


“That no matter who you are or how you dress they can still approach you”
“How easy it is to get trapped”
“Stay safe by not joining gangs”
“How to get out of gangs”
“I didn’t know that some people would go to uni just to sell drugs”
“A very powerful story a lot of people need to hear it”
“His life story about his family and friends”
“Never be easy influenced”
“What stood out to me the most is how easy it can be to lose track”
“People can get pulled into doing something that could potentially ruin their career path, goals or achievement”
“Don’t be influenced by the bad lifestyle”
“The story about Delroy”
“Live life as much as possible”
“Not to follow people who take their path to a wrong level”
“It made me laugh and kept my interest”
“Crime can impact someone’s life”
“The story in prison”
“Interesting story and presentation”
“Consequences and don’t take life for granted”
“Crime is bad”
“A story about a friend”
“Not to take life for granted”
“That you need to avoid strangers and don’t take anything from random people”
“I just didn’t know a person can lose houses because of gangs”
“People getting taken off the streets to sell drugs”“It can be anyone.  The most inconspicuous person could approach you and reel you in”
“Being more careful outside, Don’t hang around strangers who are older than you, be careful with talking with older people”
“Knife and gang crime is everywhere”
“Anyone can approach you”
“The effect of gang crime and how serious it is.“
“It’s real life issues”
“Couldn’t pick one thing, I would say everything what Steve said impacted me in the presentation.”
“Many more younger people die more than older people”
“About how to be wise when  approached by someone is not friendly, and Don’t give up on your dreams”

To conclude we feel the workshop was an overall success and had an impact on the students who participated so thank you for providing such a powerful workshop.

K. Thomas, London South East Colleges, Bexley Campus
I can highly recommend 2020 dreams and their workshops for all levels of students. I would advise you to contact Daniel Paul who will accommodate your school, your students and any differentiation necessary for your KS4 groups.

We have used 2020 Dreams now on 4 occasions in particular to discuss Sex Ed and Consent. These workshops were given by professional, yet friendly, open minded trainers who gained respect from all of our students directly. My students have been taught through drama and dance and through open minded discussions.

I would advise that you look at their website, establish what you’d like them to discuss and as mentioned above contact Daniel Paul, who is very flexible and hasn’t once let us down.

They were also very inexpensive for what they provide and personally I think it’s a good opening to a topic. It also allows them to take the responsibility initially and when we do the Sex Ed training via them I always send out paperwork to parents to inform them of the contents and ask their permission of course. Daniel was able to provide links and documentation to help this too.

M. Francis, Appleford School, Sailsbury
Please can you express my thanks for the County Lines Gang Prevention and Knife crime sessions put on at South Devon College, the learners all took away something from it and gave them some food for thought. Thank you so much, Steve was a great presenter and they all thought he was great.

N. Boone, Head of Tutorial, South Devon College
Thank you for providing the Contraception Workshop, the sessions went very well students were very engaged and the session lead was very approachable and knowledgeable.

Mr F de Fabiani, Director of Character Education and Well-being, London
The SRE INSET Training was fantastic, the trainer explained everything in clear detail and gave the staff team the confidence they needed to deliver PSHE and SRE effectively across the curriculum.

G. Seligmann, Compliance and HR Manager, Lewes Grammar School, Lewes

Just to let you know Steve’s workshop received universally positive comments from students – I’ve asked about 15-20 so far and all were really please, felt informed and involved and felt the material was thought-provoking. I’ll let you know if/when we’d like a return visit – we’re certainly keen to Steve back again – but, for now, please thank Steve again for us.

D. Spinks. Thomas, Head of Student Welfare, international School London
The Knife/Gang Prevention and Confidence Building workshops were fantastic! The students took so much from each one and the feedback from staff has been great too. I was in and out of both workshops, so didn’t get to see a full session myself. One thing that did stand out to me was that at the beginning of the confidence building workshop Travis had the students tell themselves positive affirmations. When he done it again at the end of the workshop, they said it with such power that clearly came from the confidence they had built within those 75 minutes. It was a wonderful thing to see.

Another member of staff who was in Travis’ first session sent an email around to all staff during the session telling how amazing he was and how engaged the students were. Other members of staff also commented on how Steve was able to communicate his message so clearly with the students, in a way that both told the realities of gang and knife violence without glorifying it in any way at all.

I would like to thank both Travis and Steve for a fantastic morning.

Thank you for your support.

S. July. Deputy Director of Learning, Aylward Academy, Edmonton, London
The Mental Health workshops went really well. The workshop leaders were both fantastic in their delivery and also engaging our students.  The students have been very positive in terms of what they felt they gained from the sessions. 

Z. Hill-Smith. Assistant Principal, University Technical College, Norfolk
I am pleased to say that we had a very successful immersion day for the Consent & Healthy Relationships & Pornography workshop and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The workshop leader was a credit to 2020Dreams. He was punctual, engaging and professional throughout the day. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him myself discussing some of the issues that are so important for young people to have an opportunity to engage with. I sat in several of the sessions that he was delivering and was very impressed with how successful he was able to engage the audience and his unique approach to handling potentially sensitive or controversial material.

He was able to use humour as well as take a serious stance, where appropriate, to make the students think, and was also able to foster some healthy debate among the students. I am certain that each one of them went away having been able to engage with topics that are wholly relevant to their own lives, in a powerful way. Thank you and I hope that we are able to work with you again in the future.

A. Russell. Queens Mead School, London
We used 2020 to deliver a powerful and very relevant message to the whole of Year 9 about gangs and knife crime. Steven spent the whole day presenting to groups of 40 students at a time and his passionate and personable approach really grabbed the students attention and had immediate impact. Both staff and students all commented on how good the presentation was and that it was pitched at the right level. Ultimately it raised awareness and helped preach the message of safety and care for all of our students.

As a school we will look to embed the use of 2020 dreams into the extensive school PSHE curriculum and work around our SMSC programme.

K. Cole, Pupil Premium Manager, Hall Mead School, Upminster
The Gangs, Knife & Gun Crime workshop was amazing. It really motivated the students and was very powerful. All staff who heard it including me were really impressed. Thank you for your assistance!

DerbyMoor_ gang workshop

C. Ezis. Derby Moor Academy, Derby
Pupils from year groups 5 to 10 attended a workshop focused on the theme ‘tolerance and respect’. Pupils discussed issues related to what it means to be tolerant and respectful of others. For the Junior pupils this specifically involved developing an understanding of how one should consider the feelings of others and reflect on the way some forms of behaviour may cause offence. For the Senior pupils the workshop focused on exploring what sexism and harassment means and how this can affect others. Throughout the day the pupils responded with maturity and provided some positive thoughts and opinions when considering these issues. Thank you!

G. Larcombe, Long Close School, Slough
Thank you for the Mental Health INSET Training. This went very well – this was delivered competently and professionally. There was very positive feedback from the staff with most of them stating it was thought provoking and useful. Please pass on our thanks to your trainers and we hope to work with 2020Dreams again in the future.

L. Jackson. Deputy Director Lifelong Learning, Barnet and Southgate College, London
Firstly thank you for organising the guest speakers for our Mental Health Drop Drop Day. It is much appreciated. From a personal point of view, I saw two of the presentations and I thought they were extremely good. Thanks again!

M.Leadon. Assistant Principal, Chingford Foundation School, London
The feedback for the Body Image Workshop from the teachers and classes involved was very positive – the facilitator was very engaging and the girls took very well to her. Both Year 5 and 6 girls felt comfortable to open up to each other. Thank you for the workshop!

A. Northern. St Albans High School for Girls, St Albans
Dear 2020 Dreams, We wanted a general awareness for our pupils on the issues of crime, knifes and gangs and how to avoid it influences through drama based workshops. The facilitator was extremely professional, helpful and informed on the motivating influences for crime within the young people.

Dr T Johnson, Head of Pupil Referral. London Academy, London
Thank you for the Gang Prevention Workshop. The workshop was really good! The facilitator was excellent and very engaging. He managed to cover most of the subjects I required and the girls really enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure my girls learned something new and will use the information in a positive way.

T. Edmund. Epic CIC, London
Thank you all for the Gun & Knife Crime, Gang Prevention and Drugs Awareness workshops that you delivered. The pupils were really engaged and enjoyed the sessions. It would be great to work with you all again, and will speak to the team about some plans going forward.

J. Barima, Leader of P.S.H.E & Careers, Harris Academy, Tottenham
Thanks again for the great workshops over the past few days. The feedback from students and staff for both Sex & Making Better Decisions and the Consent workshops, has been fantastic!

T. Mansell, Barnsley College, Barnsley
Thank you so much for organising such great speakers for us. Both workshop leaders were very personable and instantly engaged with both groups of Year 10’s.

They put students at ease and students were comfortable in asking delicate questions in regards to SRE. The workshop leaders were professional and confident, a wonderful and heart-warming afternoon. Our students were mature in response and very grateful for the delivery and activities on SRE.

J. Dinmore, Lewes Grammar School, Lewes
Our Y10 Head of Year, Ariana Oliver, said the following: The Sex Education workshops was great and he had 84 pupils to present to. The facilitator was engaging and informative. The pupils learnt a lot from him and he was able to make them feel and ease to ask questions about sex and relationships.

sex education testimonial
V. Vali, North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead
A huge thank you for the Gang & Knife Crime sessions – the facilitator was wonderful! Staff & pupils thought the sessions were fantastic (and very emotional!). He was very personable & refreshingly real! If you could please thank him from us. He gave us some really lovely feedback about the staff & pupils as he was leaving. Thank you again. Looking forward to the drugs & alcohol sessions later in the term.

H. Francis, Nelson Primary School, Birmingham
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