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UK Gang Prevention Training & Awareness Resource Book

UK Gang Prevention Training & Awareness Resource Book

‘Getting to Grips with Gangs’ is the hard-hitting book aimed at supporting teachers, parents and community activists in understanding and taking practical action to tackle the scourge of UK gangs.

From its powerful introduction by Letise Sampson, who draws on his own experiences of growing up within the UK gangs culture, to the many practical steps which can be taken within our homes, schools and communities, ‘Getting to Grips with Gangs’ leaves no stone unturned. It will help the reader to provide high quality gang and county lines awareness education with the confidence to answer any questions that may arise.

A Complete Resource on the UK Gangs Phenomenon

Much of the existing literature on gang culture is either outdated or focused heavily on the US gang scene. ‘Getting to Grips with Gangs’ fills the gap for the UK educational sector by combining established research with the latest trends and statistics (e.g. the apparent upsurge of violence on London’s streets in 2018 and the worrying rise of county lines drugs operations).

Complements 2020 Dreams UK Gangs Training & Workshops

Just as our popular gang workshop is designed to engage youths using role play activities and open forum discussions, ‘Getting to Grips with Gangs’ provides numerous practical exercises and discussion points, ideal for enriching class discussions or even for use in the home. There are also as variety of illustrative case studies, another powerful tool for engaging young people in the topic.

Getting to Grips With Gangs Publication

Getting to Grips with Gangs – A Resource Guide for Teachers, Parents, Young People and the Wider Community’ is a 2020 Rising publication focused on raising awareness about the gang culture in the UK. It looks at the risk factors that lead young people to become involved with gangs; the fashion, structure and behaviour of gangs and the various state and community initiatives that are attempting to tackle the problem.

With children as young as 13 being stabbed, dozens of young men and women losing their lives, violent turf wars springing up over social media insults and county lines drug trafficking spreading out into rural areas, the gang culture in the UK is of deep concern to anyone who cares about the future of our children and the health of our communities.

Before we can tackle the gang problem effectively, we need to understand as much as we can about it. Where do gangs recruit their members? Why do some young people join gangs and others don’t? What do gangs do and how are they structured? What interventions have been shown to reduce gang activity?

The more we understand, the more effective we can be when designing programmes, forming community groups and talking to young people themselves.

Getting to Grips with Gangs,’ will equip readers with up to date information, research findings and the details of various anti-gang strategies.

All 2020 Rising publications are also designed to be hands-on and practical. Teachers and parents will find plenty of activities, discussion points and real life case studies (both uplifting and harrowing) to help them to engage with their students and children.

Topics include:

  • UK gang fashion
  • Working together to tackle gangs
  • The impact of poor mental health
  • Social interventions
  • Initiation and grooming by elders and peers
  • Drug trafficking and county lines operations
  • Defining a gang
  • The 3 R’s of gang life: reputation, respect and retaliation
  • The influence of social media, music and gaming
  • Joint Enterprise convictions
  • Getting out of gangs (for parents and young gang members)
  • Community mobilisation
  • Suppression tactics: do they work?
  • The postcode trap
  • Sexual exploitation in UK Gangs

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Getting to Grips with Gangs

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