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Gun and Knife Crime Resource eBook

Gun & Knife Crime Resource Guide

Getting Real with Guns and Knives

‘Getting Real with Guns and Knives’ is an information-packed book designed as an invaluable resource for teachers, parents and the local community looking to educate their children and students about the reality of knife crime and gun crime on the UK’s streets. ‘Getting Real with Guns and Knives’ is an equally useful tool for parents, community leaders and young people themselves.

Supporting Teachers in Delivering Knife Crime and Gun Crime Awareness

The book starts with an introduction from author Letise Sampson who talks about his own experiences growing up in north-west London and the profound effect they had on his life. It then moves on to raising awareness of the vast and complex topic of weapons and youth violence, covering the area in breadth and depth.

The final part of the book focuses on tactics and strategies, looking carefully at what has worked in the past and making suggestions about tackling gun crime and knife crime more effectively.

Knife and Gun Crime ebook Reource

2020 Dreams Gun Crime and Knife Crime Training Packages

‘Getting Real with Guns and Knives’ can be provided as part of the 2020 Dreams Gun and Knife Crime Awareness INSET and PTA Training package. The many activities, discussion points and case studies form a handy set of tools for enriching your own workshops and lessons.

We also recommend this unique resource as a purchase alongside our Gun and Knife Crime Workshops, enabling you to expand upon the workshop content in future lessons, reinforcing the key message and helping young people to make the decision not to carry weapons.

Topics Included:

• History of Knife Crime in the UK
• Weapon Law Through Time
• Why Youths Carry Knives
• Known Risk Factors
• Predicting Violence
• Trap and Drill Music
• Social Media and Video Games
• The Link Between Drugs and Weapons
• The Impact on Physical and Mental Health
• Risk Perception and Community Reassurance
• The Postcode Trap
• Peer Influence
• Violence and Youth Culture
• School and Family Initiatives
• The Role of the Police and Government
• Multi-Agency Strategies
• Measuring Outcomes

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Getting Real With Guns and Knives ebook

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