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Active Learning Workshops

Empowering a Generation: Workshops for Sensitive Topics.

Growing up is a challenge for anyone, and in the 21st Century world of cyber-bullying, gun and knife crime and pressure to experiment with drugs and sex, children and young adults are perhaps more vulnerable than ever before.

2020 Dreams believe that children and adolescents can overcome the pressures of the present and even the disadvantages of the past to survive and even thrive in life. By developing a full awareness of the reality of the world around them and learning key skills to negotiate difficult circumstances, our young people can choose the path to a happy, healthy, crime-free life and avoid the consequences of taking a wrong turn.

We have created a specialist program called 2020 Dreams, to help empower children of all ages and abilities with the help of specialist workshops and training programs. We work with youth centres, the prison system, pupil referral units, educational establishments, charities and the Police to bring a much-needed positive focus to those who may be without hope. By encouraging young people to develop goals and motivate themselves, while providing support and guidance, our experienced mentors and workshop leaders are actively turning lives around.

Active Learning Workshops.


Anti-Bullying & Discrimination.

2020 Dreams Anti-Bullying & Discrimination workshops are designed to support teachers and youth organisation leaders…

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Life, Crime & Social Survival.

2020 Dreams Life, Crime & Social Survival workshops are focused on the challenges faced by children and…

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Sex & Relationships.

2020 Dreams Sex & Relationships workshops cover a wide range of issues that affect children and young…

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Business, Career & Money Management.

2020 Dreams Business, Career & Money Management workshops prepare young people for the ‘real’ world of…

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Physical & Emotional Well-Being.

2020 Dreams Physical & Emotional Wellbeing workshops tackle two key areas of life that together make a huge…

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Performance Techniques Workshops.

2020 Dreams Performance Techniques workshops cover a variety of art forms from the stage and music hall…

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